FM WORLD finds a way to delight customers and Business Partners with various special offers every week, so it is important to pay attention to some rules for participating in promotions to receive bonuses and discounts without hindrance.


1.      Terms of promotions with a bonus product:


  •       You should choose a bonus product at the time you place an order after going to the Shopping Basket in the Webshop. Above the "PLACE THE ORDER" button, you will find the "Bonus Products/Free Items" field. Select the desired Product from the drop-down list, add the required amount of 1/2/3 (depending on the conditions met) and click on the "Add" button. Then you will have a column with the selected bonus product and quantity;


  • If the bonus product has not been selected by you in the Shopping Basket, then the product will not be sent. Even you have mentioned in the remarks about your bonus after you have completed your Order, the bonus product will not be sent. Please don't forget to add your bonus to your Basket.


2.     Terms for promotions with a discount:


  •       The point value of an order decreases proportionally to the level of the applied discount.


  • The duration of the special offer is limited and will be additionally indicated in the text of the promotion, or while stocks last.


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