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Code: 502003.01

Presyo ng Calatog: 400 AED

  • Koleksyon: UTIQUE
  • Kapasidad: 100 ml
  • Bango: 20%
  • Uri: magnetic, attractive, seductive

Family of fragrances:  oriental with woody notes.

Fragrance notes:
Head: cashmere wood, jasmine, cistus
Heart: vanilla, amberwood, balsamic notes
Base: white oud, black musk, dry wood

Expressive notes: this is a very "viscous" balsamic fragrance with a pronounced sound of cashmere (musk), vanilla and oud.

Season: all year

Time of day:  in the evening

Associative descriptionthis is a mysterious, hypnotic, unforgettable, incredibly sexy and noble, passionate and sensual fragrance.

This fragrance is not for every day. This is a fragrance for special occasions. This is a black velvet tailcoat or a ruby-black velvet dress.

This is an ode to sophistication and aristocracy!


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