Код: 502002.02

Цена в каталоге: 125 AED

  • Коллекция: UTIQUE
  • Обьем: 15 ml
  • Парфюмерная композиция: 20%

Type: luxurious, exquisite

Family of fragrances:  oriental with woody notes

Head: red pepper, cedarwood, nutmeg
Heart: iris, saffron, vetiver
Base: cypriol, patchouli, black musk, amber

Expressive notes: This is a very bright sound of musk in spices and violet root, which takes your breath away, but everything quickly dissipates, and at this moment a wonderful chord of dry saffron and wood begins, which gradually turns into musk.


Season: all year

Time of day:  in the evening

Associative description: This is the fragrance of the magnificent palace of the Arab Sheikh, where everything shines with gold and spices. This is a very expensive dress or suit that you need to be able to wear. It makes you shine and shimmer, it's impossible not to notice. The scent of a true Leader!