Код: 502007.01

Цена в каталоге: 400 AED

  • Коллекция: UTIQUE
  • Обьем: 100 ml
  • Парфюмерная композиция: 20%
  • Тип: charming, seductive like a forbidden fruit

Family fragrances: flowers with fruits notes.

Fragrance notes:
Head notes: Rosa Mosqueta, blackberry sorbet, green notes
Heart notes: Damask Rose, jasmine, apricot
Base notes: woody notes, crystal rose chord, musk

Expressive notes: this is a very delicious cocktail of greens and juicy summer fruits - blackberries and apricots, framed by a cool rose.

Season: all year

Time of day:  24 hours

Associative description: this is an unforgettable vacation on the ocean shore, where blue water, white sand, gentle sun and pink flamingos, this is drive and relaxation, this is happiness and tenderness, these are all vivid manifestations of a fantastic and juicy summer.