Код: 502006.05

Цена в каталоге: 400 AED

  • Коллекция: UTIQUE
  • Обьем: 100 ml
  • Парфюмерная композиция: 20%

Type: intriguing, noble, unforgettable

Fragrance notes:

Head: lemon, rose, saffron.

Heart: woody notes, peony, amyris, leather notes.

Base: amber, oud, vanilla.

Expressive notes: magnetic sound of musky-sweet-woody accord of saffron, amyris and vanilla, decorated with flowers. Even later, it sounds like oud and vanilla.

Season: all year

Time of day: 24 hours, but in winter – in the afternoon, in summer – in the evening.

Associative description: this fragrance is aromarest, comfort, delicacy, it is a fragrance that gives peace and harmony, at the same time it is a fragrance of luxury that creates a chic, seductive, "delicious" image.


UTIQUE Muffin is a precious treasure. Fulfillment of desires locked in every drop of the noble essence.