Kode: 502009.01

Harga calatog: 400 AED

  • Koleksi: UTIQUE
  • Kapasitas: 100 ml
  • Aroma: 20%
  • Jenis: enchanting, delightful

Fragrance families': oriental with notes of fruit.

Fragrance notes:
Head: bergamot, cardamom, lime,
Heart: lily of the valley, jasmin, mint
Base: guaiac wood, musk, cedarwood

Expressive notes: the cheerful sound of green notes with spices and spring flowers.

Season: all year

Time of day: afternoon or a thicker plume in the evening during the warm season.

Associative description: this is the fragrance of serenity and lightness, a child's smile and true happiness, fragrance of floral euphoria and greenery, soap bubbles and true Spring.