Soy Candle Make Me Happy 180 ml Pure Royal ECO

Code: 719830

Calatog price: 285 AED

PURE ROYAL ECO candles have been created with the Eco Friendly philosophy in mind. Not only do they not harm the environment, they help you by releasing the beneficial properties of essential oils. Pure Royal Eco Soy Candle - simultaneously it fills the room with a beautiful scent, has a positive influence on your mood and improves the well-being of your body. ▪ contains natural essential oils ▪ has a pro-health effect ▪ handmade ▪ based on plant wax ▪ with a cotton wick ▪ available in a wide range of scents MAKE ME HAPPY- PURE ROYAL ECO SOY CANDLE ◾essential oils: orange, lavender, patchouli ◾fragrance: floral-citrus ◾aromatherapy benefits: makes you feel better

Total weight : 170.0 [g]
Net weight : 170.0 [g]

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