FEDERICO MAHORA MAKE UP Setting Spray 100 ml

Code: 609003

Calatog price: 70 AED

This 100 ml Makeup Setting Spray is in the form of light moisturising mist. During the day it will refresh your face and add glow to it. It creates an invisible light film that protects make-up. Thanks to it the skin maintains impeccable look for longer without the feeling of stickiness or tightness. It contains witch hazel water that regulates sebum secretion and reduces the effect of shining skin, sodium lactate which perfectly moisturises the skin, Enantia chlorantha tree bark extract and panthenol that soothe irritations, and vitamin E that reduces harmful effects of sun rays. Preservation and refreshment in one product!

Total weight : 120.0 [g]
Net weight : 120.0 [g]

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