July 7, 2022

Perfume fades as soon as you step outside? The fact is that warm air and high humidity increase the release of sweat, which just destroys the aroma.
Luckily, there are many ways to make a perfume last longer.
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1. An easy way to make your fragrance last longer is to apply it to damp skin after a shower or after using a body balm.
Perfume molecules quickly bond with lotion molecules, and fragrance lasts longer on moisturized skin.
We recommend additionally moisturizing the skin before applying perfume - scented (from your fragrance line) or unscented universal lotion.

2. Apply perfume to pulse points - wrists, elbows, neck, under the knees. In these points the skin heats up the most which will allow your perfume to
last longer. Moreover, the aroma can be applied not to one, but to all points at once. To enhance the effect, apply lip balm on your wrists or on your neck before spraying your perfume and you will make it last much longer. The whole secret is in its oily (vaseline) base, which does not allow the aroma to fade.

3. Spray perfume on your hairbrush. During combing of hair the perfume will be absorbed delicately and thinly, without much risk of drying or damaging the hair. The alcohol components from the comb will quickly disappear and the main aromatic substances will stay on your hair.

4. Don't want to put perfume on your brush? Try spraying fragrance on your clothes. The fibers of the fabric (especially dense) are excellent at retaining odors, so you can be sure that the perfume will last all day (be careful that the fragrance does not leave stains on your clothes).
5. Use a neutral-scented antiperspirant or an antiperspirant from your fragrance line. This way the scent of the antiperspirant won't overpower your perfume.

6. Choose the perfumes that consist of " Long Time Chords ": gourmand, oriental, woody or musky.

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